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I'm Heather. I am a Quantum Counselor, Human Potential Expert, Alignment Coach, Teacher, Author and an Evolving Woman. I am so glad you are here. I know how difficult it can be to admit that you need help or even committing to yourself to actual seek help. I am so happy that you decided to show up for yourself. Let me share this with you, if it were not for my own personal journey in healing family trauma, interpersonal turmoil, learning to manage my own symptoms of anxiety and depression and showing up for myself, I would have never found my path in counseling and coaching. It was through my darkness that I was able to find my light, my passion and most importantly, my life purpose. Let me tell you a little more about myself...

"As long as you are authentic and true to yourself, the right things in life will always find you and the wrong things in life will always leave you." - Heather


As a gifted intuitive, I have a passion for helping other's truly heal deeply conditioned subconscious patterns of thought, belief and feeling that are usually passed down from one generation to another. I take mainstream therapy to a level beyond what is taught, blending it with neuroscience, quantum mechanics and human consciousness. 


I am a Licensed Therapist in the State of California and I have a Master's in Counseling Psychology, a Master's of Forensic Anthropology, a Bachelor's in Anthropology, and I am trained in Brainspotting Phase 1 and Phase 2.  I have working experience in mainstream therapy, life coaching, teaching, and spiritual self-help empowerment. I discovered my passion for helping others while journeying through my own healing process. What I had found was that throughout my life, I had adopted beliefs, perspectives, and identities that were never actually mine. They were other people's beliefs, they were  society's  perspectives and they were false identities that I used to protect myself. Once I gained the insights, clarity and understanding about myself, I knew that I wanted to share this process with others. As I shed each layer of who I thought I was "supposed" to be, my truest, most authentic self started to emerge. I made it my purpose to guide others through their path into their most optimum life.

It is my absolute pleasure to help you grow, heal and evolve into the highest version of yourself. 


Heather Moore
Quantum Counselor & Natural Intuitive

Image by Maryna Yazbeck
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