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Heather Moore is a Licensed Therapist, Alignment Coach and Speaker who helps people around the world to let go of the limiting beliefs, or faulty "masks" that they wear and find their truest, most authentic self that resides within them; Ultimately reconstructing a more meaningful version of themselves. She helps others heal generational patterns of negative and painful thoughts, feelings and identity in order to live a life of alignment and truth. With nearly a decade of counseling experience, Heather utilizes her unique skill set to guide men and women in tapping into their deepest truth so they can shatter the box of limited belief and embrace their soulful authenticity.  


Heather has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a Masters in Forensic Anthropology and is trained as a Life Coach. You can connect with Heather at her website and Instagram @heathermoorecoaching.


She currently resides in beautiful Northern California with her Boxer, she loves live music and travels as much as she can.

Image by Maryna Yazbeck


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