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What Is Authenticity and How Do We Live In It?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

When being someone else no longer fits your lifestyle, the bravest thing you can do is to be yourself.

Have you ever wondered what it means to be "unapologetically" you? Have you ever wondered who you were underneath the labels, titles, degrees, roles, or characters you have found your self in? If you are anything like me, you have.

My Motto:

As long as you are authentic and true to yourself, the right things in life will always find you and the wrong things in life will always leave you.” - Heather Moore

To be authentic means (to me) to live in complete alignment to your values, dreams, passions and your inherently God-given life purpose. You are, at your core, a soul in human form. You were absolutely not meant to just run the hamster wheel of work, sleep, eat only to wake up 40 or 50 years later and realize that you never actually got to truly live.

Living A Life In Alignment

When we find our authentic selves, our energy or vibration changes, almost chemically. Something happens in our spiritual form that transforms the feedback we receive in life. Our money shifts. Our relationships heal. Our meaning and place in the world becomes very clear. Can you imagine what it would feel like to start experiencing flow, ease and joy in your life? This is what alignment feels like.

Alignment comes from authenticity. We are taught in society and in our families to 'ACT' as though we were starring in a Broadway play. We become "actors" in life. We pretend to be bosses, academics, leaders, followers, employees, parters, and sometimes even the characters we play in our families. All of these are roles that we play without really ever auditioning for them. Now you may be saying, "but this is what I do for a living," or "I love my children and I love being their parent". I get it, there are aspects of our lives that we do enjoy but I want to ask you, are you doing those things in alignment to what feels good or right to you? Or are you functioning in someone else's expectation of how you 'should be' doing it?

Choose Values Over Expectations

“Expectations are one person's one-sided biases” -Heather Moore

When we live in alignment to our own values, we can start to see a stark contrast between what feels right to our souls and where other people's opinions, judgments and perspectives have clouded the way we live our lives. Are we struggling in our corporate jobs because we were told that to make six figures was more important finding soulful fulfillment in life? Are we staying in painful relationships with partners who are not for our highest because our families look down on divorce? Are we stressing ourselves out trying to feed our children organic foods because we fear the mommy-shaming in school pick-up for driving through fast food?

When we stop living our lives based on someone else's opinions or judgments, we clear the space to really get to learn so much about ourselves. We get to learn about our values, our wants, our needs, our passions, our talents and skills, our voice, our joys, our pains and most importantly, our purpose.

Living in alignment feels good. Living in the flow of what is right for you feels good. Living your life based off of what resonates deep down inside you feels wonderful. Anything that doesn't feel good is more often than not, you living out of alignment.

How To Shift Into Alignment

With any transformation, we have to know where to begin. Take my easy and quick

Alignment Quiz to help you find clarity on where you are living in and out of alignment.

Alignment Quiz
Download PDF • 26KB

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