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Image by Maryna Yazbeck

Brainspotting is a healing technique that uses your visual field to locate the specific area in your brain where you store negative emotions, memories and/or traumas. By locating the eye position, or Brainspot, specific to the area that you want to heal, I can help you process and release core emotional beliefs at the neurobiological level. 

Negative emotions are stored deep within your brain's trauma centers. This is where your PTSD responses kick in and those emotionally negative or traumatic events get stuck. This PTSD function is subconscious and can show itself as cycles of negative patterns throughout your life, difficult money or relationship experiences, and symptoms such as anxiety or depression. . 


Brainspotting differs from traditional talk therapy because it bypasses your frontal lobe where human functions such as emotional expression, memory, problem solving, language and judgment operate from and targets deep within your PTSD centers. You do not necessarily have to talk about or re-live your negative experience. Instead, we will focus on your body and the sensations that you may feel. 


Your brain at its core knows what it needs to heal, Brainspotting allows your brain to access this function in a way that connects right to the part of the brain in which the emotion is stored. 

Brainspotting can be useful for anything that holds an emotional memory; Trauma/PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Negative Childhood Experiences, Grief, Emotional Eating. Even increasing or expanding your feelings of confidence, self-love or performance can be processed through Brainspotting. 





​Are you ready to heal?

  Brainspotting Therapy 90-min: $225

Image by Olga Thelavart
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