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Quantum Healing Through Coherence of Mind

Beyond Mainstream Therapy

Has mainstream therapy failed you?
Have you gone to therapy for years but cannot seem to move past the pain?
Have you healed a great deal but still feel weighed down by life?
Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled or without passion in life?
Are you getting through life by self-medicating and numbing out?



Goodbye Old Self | Hello Higher Self

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Many of us are not even aware that we are living our life with the limitations and wounds that we carry from childhood. It shows up in our lives through resistant beliefs, negative emotions, body pain and illness, and confusion about why certain things have happened to us. We are doing the best we can to clear these issues on a conscious level but we often do not ever get to the root cause. 


While traditional therapy can be beneficial in providing a foundation for growth and healing, in my personal experience as both a clinician and a client, I found that mainstream therapy was not able to provide me with the whole algorithm for deep consciousness cleansing.


Rather, it gave me partial answers to half equations. I wanted more from my healing, I needed more for my healing and I was not able to find it in mainstream therapy. What I found in the approach that I use, is that I was not just healing from family wounds from childhood, nor was I just managing my depression or anxiety, but I was understanding the deep, family inherited architecture for not only my pain and struggle, but the generations of pain and struggle that came before me in my family.

I blend mainstream psychology, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, general systems theory, trauma-informed counseling, attachment theory, relational conflict solutions,  positive psychology and your spiritual/religious foundations to provide a "WHOLE" algorithm approach to your healing, while at the same time healing your family upline and downline through inherited "bluetooth" functioning. I also offer brainspotting for a deeper, subconscious appraoch to your healing. Are you ready for deep transformation?

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Finding Your Alignment

As a gifted intuitive, Heather has helped numerous people break free from the faulty narratives of their painful past. She has worked with clients from across the country, bringing logic, humor and real talk to even the heaviest of life's circumstances. Heather believes that you have the answers you seek within you. Learn more

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Beyond Mainstream Therapy
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